Siemens is reporting that the FDA has cleared its MAGNETOM Vida 3 Tesla MRI scanner. The device features the new BioMatrix technology from Siemens that takes into account individual patient anatomy, physiology, and even the differences in MRI operators to produce optimal image quality.

Essentially, the scanner’s table has a built-in sensor that detects respiration, a parameter that can help guide how different settings are set and avoid rescans caused by unexpected breathing patterns. Individual imaging slices captured during whole-spine diffusion imaging are corrected one by one to produce optimal results that reproduce the true nature of the internal anatomy.

To help speed up the throughput of MRI facilities, the touchscreen controller on the side of the scanner has multiple body models that can be selected from to quickly get the table ready for the next patient. The same table also has some automatic features to help get difficult to manage patients on and off of it.

The company hopes that thanks to BioMatrix, the customers of its scanners can improve their imaging results, generate better outcomes, and reduce the number of rescans.

Some more about the scanner according to Siemens:

The scanner’s 60/200 XT gradient system offers the most powerful commercially available gradients in a 70-cm bore scanner. The 55x55x50 cm field of view enables coverage of larger body regions in one step.

The GO technologies of the MAGNETOM Vida automate and simplify workflows from the start of the scan through quality control of the image data. The result is increased productivity for routine examinations of the brain, spine, and joints – from touch-of-a-button patient positioning to the transfer of clinical images to the picture archiving and communication system (PACS). The system’s new user interface not only enables automated image acquisition and processing, but also allows advanced post-processing applications to run at the scanner.

The MAGNETOM Vida also includes the company’s Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine clinical application, which can accelerate MRI scans by a factor of 10 to allow free-breathing cardiac MRI examinations.

Here’s a promo video for the MAGNETOM Vida:

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